Techno-commercial review and Risk Identification

Insiders’ Project Proposal prepared under a tight schedule needs a third eye view to discover missing links & hidden imperatives affecting commercial advantage to project owner. Interpretation with experience of logical technical inclusions or exclusions helps in reducing cost and time risk.

e.g.: Case studies of Steam Supply agreement without considering flexibility requirements of steam line segment between two facilities; missing Inter disciplinary coordination (CAS vs Piping) and hidden imperatives like FW supporting vs Structures design factor, store’s Sparing philosophy, requirement of using nonconventional Design codes etc.

Impact of various clauses of Sale / purchase / execution contracts need to be properly interpreted envisaging all probable execution scenarios, however unlikely it may be, and suitably addressed in consciousness.

With more and more CGD projects coming up, conversion of small industrial facilities with PNG i.e. Natural Gas as fuel needs techno-commercial analysis – an experienced consultant’s association helps such small establishments.

Training Needs for Engineers

Many Traditional or Conventional trainings are imparted to engineers on technical and communication skill. Yet there remains a wide gap in practice. Engineers usually are unable to link general communication skill training tips with their application in engineering matters unless job specific examples are displayed; e.g.:-

» Diversified discussions in the meetings with frequent shifting from one topic to the other w/o concluding on action points and target dates

» Locating a pump / compressor / motor skid foundation on layout plan - different perceptions by CAS and Piping (wrt staggered centre lines) and inability to think together as would be understood by a site technician locating the casting of the foundation

» Need to Link communication and general management related learning with examples of Engineering activities and identifying areas of improvements

» Follow up after training to assess training effectiveness.

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